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Project Turnaround and Recovery Management
This are our parade disciplines, which are reflected by various references. The majority of projects we took over have been interdisciplinary projects, mostly in an international environment with longer running time schedules and without suitable results. We had in such cases the project responsibility on behalf of either the suppliers or the customer and delivered (finally) with success.

By taking over our procedure starts with a so-called Healthchecks, which founds the decision base line. Analyzing this, we conclude whether and how the project can be still recovered.

Program and Project Management
Our long and extensive experience makes it possible for us to accomplish appropriate Program/Project management in appropriate Program/Project organizations. The project has to be supported in appropriate manner by the Program/Project organization and the management, by using adequate Methodical Procedures, e.g. such an appropriate Quality Assurance.

Project Risk Management
Not only existing and known risks have to be managed and tracked by the project organization, also potential risks have to be covered as soon as they become visible. Mostly is an early mitigation preferred, but depending on the rating of the probability and the risk itself. Our experience is the advantage for requested expertise's.

Program/Project Coaching
We would be glad to offer you our coaching support based on our experience in project and quality management experiences.

Quality Management
During the whole project life cycle we support your project by using appropriate quality management procedures, e.g. ensuring quality reviews and audits on a regular basis, testifications and Health Checks.

Our wide experience allows us to support you also for other specialties, e.g. such as ISO certifications (9001, TickIT special for IT), SOX and introduction/integration of internal controlling systems (ICS).

The by us actively supported networks (e.g. Club ex-Oracle with thousands of former Oracle employees) gives us the chance to get in contact with the best qualified person for any kind of special job or special know how needed.










Project Turnaround and Recovery
ICT- and Organization Projects
Development Projects
-> for all referenced Industries, complementary Pharma, Government, NPO's

Program/Project Management
Business Programs/Projects
ICT- and Organization Programs/Projects
Development Projects
-> for all referenced Industries,complementary Government, NPO's

Projekt Portfolio Management
Portfolios of different Projek Types

Project Risk Managememt
Implementation and execution
Qualification, Mitigation
Expertices Risk Management

Quality Management
Quality Systems
- Production/Manufacturing
- Projects/Consulting
- Support Services
- Education Validation System
- System Audits, Project Audits, Health Checks
Project QA
Project CPI's Implemetation/Exec TQM (ICS, SOX...)

Feasibility Studies
Invitation to Tender, Request for Proposal RFP/RFI
Staffing special skills
- Oracle eBS, PeopleSoft, Oracle DB
- Webportal, JAVA
- and more


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