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Heinz Wehrli

Heinz Wehrli, Managing Partner
As one of the early starters he entered the IT-Business in 1977 as a System and Application Programmer. At this time for Microprocessors Motorola 6800, Intel 8080, Zilog 80 and DEC PDP/11 especially in the early industrial Automation. Since then he developed him self in direction Business and ICT Projects and practiced the experience to manage different kind of Projects. During the past 20 years, he was often jumping in to international Programmes and Projects in crisis situations, to lead them back to track.

Peter Pope

Peter Pope, Partner
He started in the early 90ties with doing IT-Projects in different countries, e.g. Nederlands, Switzerland, Germany, UK and China. In the beginning of the new Milenium he had the responsibility on behalf of an US CRM company of all projects for the south and east Asia including also the APAC region. He is taking care of our opportunities in the south-east Asia and China region.

Peter Kinzel

Peter Kinzel, Partner
Since end of the 80ties he was engaged in various positions in various industries and for consulting firms. These engagements build the baseline for his excellent know how and his comprehensive Project Experience. In all his Projects he had roles like Management Consulting with or without Process Modeling and -Optimizing, Project Management, Customer Support. Comple-mentary he had Quality-, Change-, Risk-, Escalation-Management responsibilities.

Christina Wehrli

Christina Wehrli, Partner, CoB
Beside providing management and process Consulting to few special industries is she is taking care of the General and Administration Management of eBExperts. When phoning eBExperts, she is often the first person our customers speak with.

We are sad to announce, that our friend Ian Craddock passed away by the 27-Mar-2011. Our thoughts are with the bereaved family - Ian R.I.P. .



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