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We live projects, this is our unique guiding principle to lead the projects for our customers to success.
You received recommendations regarding our firm in the past? This should not surprise you, because we are a small, but successful and internationally established and acknowledged team of experienced management consulting and project specialist with focus to the full Project Live Cycle in Business and ICT Programs and Projects.

Above all other things we always target to project success and a full customer satisfaction. Of course, as firm we have to consider the scale of economic, but not as the primary objective. The roots of our success are based on bringing in our extensive experience of managing and coaching large and complex programs and projects having been established in various industries:

- new Programs and Projects starting with the RFP, taking responsibility to transition to production
- Projects in Crisis Situations
- Managing on behalf of both, Customers or Suplliers

- in
Business, Organizational, ICT and Quailty environments
- as a Sparring Partner with decades of experience supporting CEO and CIO
- as Advocadus Diaboli providing a 2nd opinion to the CFO

Interested? Please contact us, we would be proud to show you our references of highly satisfied customers and we would be pleased if you would consider our extensive experience in your next Business or ICT Project.

Thank You very much - Yours sincerely
Heinz Wehrli, Managing Partner

Service Overview
Program Management Project Management   Program Coaching
Project Coaching
  QMS and Quality
Project Crisis Management Risk Management Audits and Health Checks
Management Consulting 2nd Opinions Certifications



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