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The roots of eBExperts go back to the year 1983. Our activity has its origins exactly at the beginning of the calendar year 1983, as Heinz P. Wehrli decided to start a freelance/individual enterprise work in Rombach, just beside Aarau, in Switzerland.
He was focused in analysis, programming and projects around system software and applications for the production industry, industrial automation and as well for logistics and transportation.

After scarcely ten years was the move with focus to traditional application software, among other things, e.g. strongly in planning and in the realization of solutions around manufacturing, logistics and transportation. In the 2nd half of the 90's have the experience areas be gradually extended. Together with experience in the trading/retail, different service areas were added e.g. pharmaceuticals and financial services. Based on these various experiences in projects in different industries and also by implementing different kind of applications, the financial year 2005 was a good year and the first one as an official limited liability company, eBExperts LLC

Our Philisophy
Business Philosophy
eBExperts is an firm, which is completely private owned. Except in summary format we are not going to publish details about our own business development. Our philosophy is to work preferable with nearly no outside capital and to build our business at any time on a healthy own capital funds structure.
Everybody working for eBExperts does not just a job, no, give themselves chances and develop themselves further. Our coworkers determine the quality of our firm. eBExperts wants the talented coworkers and wants to belong to best firms in the market.
We open again and again exciting new possibilities for the vocational and personal development to our coworkers. Together lived values and visions are drivers of our culture.

Networks are playing an ever more important role in the business life. We would like to keep new interesting orders mainly by mouth-to-mouth recommendation coming out of our successful projects. If skills for dedicated special tasks are required, we frequently recruit from our networks, e.g. the club ex-Oracle sponsored actively by us.

We stand for Switzerland and its traditions.


One of our principles is that if our firm is running well, also the weakest ones in our society should be able to participate a little bit. For this we make gladly each financial year a small percentage of our EBIT's available for social institutions in our region.

Stiftung Schloss Biberstein

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